Cervical Cancer Screening

Free cervical smear testing for women aged 25-65 years under the National Cervical Screening Programme.

Cervical check issue letters of invitation to all women aged 25-65 years, through the national PPS number database.

You can choose to self register with Cervical Check by logging on to www.cervicalcheck.ie and follow link to Self register opt-in, or alternatively you can call, freephone: 1800 45 45 55. You will need your PPS number to register.

Once you have completed the self registration process and you are due a smear test, you should receive your letter for invitation in the post. Then contact the Waterford Medical Centre to make an appointment for a smear test.

The exception to the above registration process are women who are attending for follow up smear tests due to previous abnormal smear tests, should attend when their repeat smear is due even without invitation.

If you would like a private cervical smear test outside the Cervical Check eligibility framework, this can be arranged with your doctor or nurse in the Waterford Medical Centre, through Eurofinns Laboratories at an extra cost.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice nurses in the Waterford Medical Centre on 051 852999