Medical Card Services

The GMS medical card entitles patients to avail of a wide range of medical services free of change from their family doctor. This includes standard consultations for treatment of illnesses and related services necessary for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. The doctor receives payment from the Health Services Executive for these services. Full medical card patients, and patients with a Doctor Visit Only Card are entitled to the same services free of charge in the surgery. However patients with a Doctor Visit only Card are not entitled to free medication from the pharmacy.

Blood test Service:

If you are unwell, your visit to the doctor and any necessary blood tests are FREE with the Doctor Visit Card and Medical Card.

Blood tests which  screen for particular abnormalities on  an ongoing basis for example; blood tests for patients on  cholesterol medication, medication  for arthritis, medication  for atrial fibrillation,  Warfarin  testing (INR), swabs for surgery, a 10 euro charge will  apply (Maximum  10  euro  per month). The GP  visit card or Medical  Card does not cover the cost of medical, nursing or transport resources needed by the practice to  do  these tests.

Some services provided by the practice are not covered under the Medical Card Scheme and will incur a fee.

These include for example; examination and reports relating to insurance policies or for medico-legal purposes, pre-employment medicals, examinations relating to fitness to drive or take part in sports, school entry examinations, travel vaccinations and some screening tests.
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