Pregnancy care

All our doctors provide free antenatal and postnatal care under the HSE Mother and Child Scheme. We offer full antenatal care including foetal heart monitoring, with combined health care with the Obstetrician or Domino Midwifery service in your local hospital. This service also includes at 2 week and 6 week baby developmental check up and a 6 week postnatal check up for mothers.

The combined antenatal care programme allowing joint care with your Obstetrician and GP, is recognised internationally as the best and most convenient form of antenatal care. Ideally you should visit one of our doctors as soon as you discover you are pregnant. You will be referred to your local maternity hospital where you will be seen before 20 weeks for assessment, blood tests and a scan. Subsequently your visits will alternate between the hospital and the GP and become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses.

Crisis Pregnancy

If you have discovered you are pregnant and did not plan to be, this can be very distressing. Our doctors and nurses offer confidential and supportive advice on all options that are available to you in your pregnancy.
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